Stone Town Band History

There has been Band Music in Stone since the early 1800’s; where the present Band - Stone Town Band has continued this tradition for the last 63 years.

The band was formed in 1954 under the musical directiorship of Mr Ted Dixon, who led the band until 1972. During this period of banding Stone Town Band was very successful, coming 2nd out of 22 bands at the Belle Vue in Manchester in 1969. The band continued to contest under the direction of Mr S Aucock, gaining 3rd place in the Newcastle Jubilee Carnival Contest in 1977. In 1996, contesting was put on hold due to the lack of sponsorship and the difficulty of getting a full band to turn out. In 2000 the band organised a Festival of Brass in Staffordshire at a local high school, the event being a great success. It attracted 5 other bands, with Rode Hall Silver Band winning the festival contest.

Since that time the band has performed mainly at local activities, contribututing to civic parades and events in the town and is well known for arranging entertainment in the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire areas. Each year there is a busy programme of day and evening concerts, during the summer season where the band is in demand for a full programme of appearances in parks and at fetes which produces an income to fund its charitable activities and cover expenses.

In 2010 the band had expanded to competing size again taking part in Bolsover's Festival of Brass, winning the un-registered section, followed by registering as a 4th section band in 2011. In 2012 the band took part in it's first ever area contest in the Midlands Area coming a creditable 10th out of the competing bands.

Stone Town Band Milestones

1954 Band Founded
First public appearance, Remembrance Day, Stone
1955 Occupied first rehearsal room, Bridge Inn, Stone
1975 Celebration dinner for band’s 21st birthday
1977 Performed series of concerts for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee
1979 Band’s 25th year
1981 Moved to the Frank Jordan Community centre
2000 Organised and hosted Festival of Brass for North Staffordshire bands
2004 Band's 50th year
2010 Resumed contesting as an un-registered band, winning at Bolsover
2011 Registered as 4th Section contesting band
2011 Moved to it's current home within the Scout Hut, Westbridge Park
2012 10th place at Midland Area 4th section contest